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Fireplace with pictures of John and Robert Holliday

One of the upstairs back bedrooms has been fitted out as a tribute to the two cousins who became dentists.   

On the left, Robert Alexander Holliday and on the right John Henry Holliday (unauthenticated)

Robert Alexander Holliday graduated three years after John Henry from the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery and it would be nice to think they had plans of going into partnership and setting up a dental practice together.  In any event, Robert did not take on a partner until three years after John's death - then went on to have a long and distinguished dental career.  In 1887 he founded a dental college in Atlanta, which went on to become the Atlanta Southern Dental College in 1917 and in 1944 was amalgamated into Emory University.  He also helped establish the New Orleans College of Dentistry in 1898.

Robert Alexander Holliday was the third son of Dr. John Stiles and Parmelia Ware Holliday and died in Atlanta on November 9, 1906